20/20 Mission Possible

///What is Mission Possible?

In alignment with our Mission and Village Values, the administrative team have constructed a course of action to advance Grace Place, Making disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. If it is the will of God, we are committed to the fulfilment of these six possible pursuits, which will henceforth be known as Mission Possible.

1). Wake ‘Em Up Team

| GP Introduction/ Orientation |

This is the first place in which Grace Place members get an orientation of their church - its ministries, personnel, resources and statements of vision, purpose and mission. This is also the place where members gain an awareness of the welcoming culture of GP and all the opportunities for involvement that lead to becoming a belonging, engaged member. Wake 'Em Up is where members are introduced to “everything Grace Place" and how to get involved in such things as "The Have Yous”, Membership Class, The GP Mission Possible Strategy, Christian Development & Maturity Classes, GP Shepherding Tribes, etc. 

2). Go Get'em Evangelism Team

| Evangelism |

This team will lead the charge in systematically touching every household, doorknob, family, and individual in the path of GP inside of a 5-10-mile radius.

3). Wrap'em and Receive'em Team

| Fellowship |

This team stands ready to embrace new and prospective members as well as seekers who have been touched and referred to GP by the “Go Get'em Group”, or by personal witnessing/evangelizing, or by God's providential leading. This group's primary ministry is to show love and provide nurturing to newly born again believers and seekers. In the spirit of deep caring and encouragement, members of this ministry keep their focus on assimilating, incubating, and educating new and prospective family members to GP/Body of Christ. Wrap'em and Receive'em Team members concentrate on helping newly "Added Members" adapt, integrate and feel at home in their new spiritual family and church environment. 

4. Get 'Em to Jesus Team

| Worship |

This is where the most important decision of life is made by those seeking Jesus as Savior and Lord. This team will exercise a mastery of sharing and making plain God's plan of salvation. True worship begins when old hearts are made new by the blood of Jesus Christ. Ministry Tasks would include but not limit to Altar Work; Baptisms, Communion, Membership Class 201, etc.) 

5. Make 'Em, Shape 'Em Disciples Team

| Discipleship |

This team consists of a group of teachers and facilitators who will lead "easy-to-follow" small group discipleship training material, for the mature development of new members (and old). 

6. Reproduction Team

| Ministry & Service |

This is the place where all members prove their understanding of the Christ Life by reaching out to win others to Christ who were once just like them.