Village Values

//// Our Vison Statement

To bring each member to spiritual maturity.

//// Our Mission Statement

Placing God and His word within your reach.

////Village Values


This list of core values are standard for our ministry. They create filters for how our leaders make decisions in order to present and implement the our culture at GP. We desire that all of our staff, leaders, and members exhibit these attributes in their daily lives, influencing everything that they do for the glory of God.


| Discipleship |

"Submitting and Serving others"

| Confidence |

"Equipped with the Full Armor of God"

| Having Faith |

"Passing the test with str"A"ight praise"

| Hearers & Doers |

"Keeping our ear pressed against Heaven"

| Committed |

"Closing on Sunday (COS) & protecting sacred principles"

| Berean |

"Ensuring the pulpit rightly divides the Word of God"

| Down to earth |

"Having Fun while we fellowship"

| Serving |

"Living the example of Jesus"

| Community |

"Accepting all who come"

| Christ Representors |

"Standing for God and believing God will stand for us"