What to Anticipate

Because we believe and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all [Romans 10:9], we gladly worship Him in Spirit and Truth [John 4:24]. Whether that be through the process of singing, dancing, shouting, speaking in tongues, lifting our hands, confessions or whatever else is deemed acceptable worship to God [Hebrews 12:28], we desire His kingdom to come and ultimately for Him to receive the praise.

We come together every Sunday to exalt Jesus Christ, starting with learning His word in Sunday School, Praise & Worship, followed by readings of the scripture, an appetizing word from the Lord, and Fellowship with one another.

Our Pastor preaches with a "Berean like" attitude, rasing the churches' awareness to be noble, to receive the word with readiness, and to search the scriptures ensuring that truth remains in the pulpit [Acts 17:11]. As stated in Our Purpose, we strive to mature each member through the truth of Gods Word.

Sunday School starts at 9:15am and Sunday Service begins at 10:30am! Our midweek service Schedule can be found here.

Nevertheless, at Grace Place we don't have a dress code. However, we do encourage modesty, in reference to being in the company of others. Furthermore, we also believe that the church is a hospital, understanding that none of us are perfect, yet still striving to be like Christ.

We open our doors to everyone, whether you have a daily walk with Christ or whether you've never picked up a bible before. No matter what chapter your in, we look forward to advancing the Kingdom of God, through the ministry, the Holy Sprit has blessed us with.